Pride in Liverpool
Pride in Liverpool

In early 2010 a number of residents of the Tower decided to participate in the Pride In Liverpool Project. The Pride In Liverpool project was a competition aimed to encourage those who live within Liverpool to document and record “treasures” within their community. It’s hoped that the communities who take part will leave a lasting legacy for future generations. The treasures could be a specific building, park, or local area with a history that locals feel needs to be recorded for posterity.

The Tower building group’s aim, was to formerly record the history of the present Tower Building and to incorporate as much available history of the site this wonderful building stands on. Information was collated relating to the previous two guises of the Tower that preceded today’s Tower building and date back to the 13th century.

Some of the brief history of the Tower was already located on this website, but there was much, much more to be discovered. All the final competing projects where displayed in St Georges Hall on the 7th & 8th July 2010. The Tower Building group received a certificate for being the first team to sign on to the project.

Check out our picture gallery for pictures taken by Graham Jones during the Pride In  Liverpool event. We will shortly be adding the Tower Building History Brochure and the Tower Building History Project/presentation shown at St Georges Hall to the webite.

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